Custom Web Design vs. Cheap Web Design

“The more you are willing to invest on marketing material, the higher the return.”

That doesn’t mean that custom web design has to be expensive. It’s all about how you look at the cost, compared to what you expect to get back out of your investment.

That doesn’t mean that cheap web design is always going to be low-priced either. The real difference is shown in quality, attention to detail, and tasks performed.

A cheap website can be built using a template site builder, using all the basic pages and generic information. Once it launches, a website like this may actually hurt you more than it will help you.

A custom website is built using your brand, your goals and expectations, and your message. Once it launches, a website like this will give your brand exposure to an entirely new audience.

When a client approaches a web design agency they usually have a few things in mind but aren’t sure how to make those ideas a reality. (Of course, that’s what web designers are hired for.)

A quality designer knows how to ask the right questions, and extract the right information, to inspire a custom web design that goes above and beyond the original concept.

Custom web design focuses on custom (client based) features and requirements and combines this information with specialized expertise (web based) to provide a fresh perspective on end user (audience based) needs.

You can always tell cheap web design because you get what you ask for. Small and simple.

For example: a small bakery may wish to start with a small and simple website that gives internet users a place to learn more about their menu.

A quality web designer asks questions and offers suggestions to improve the overall value. The proposedcustom web design may:

  • showcase beautiful galleries of popular pastries and desserts,
  • allow potential customers to easily request quotes for a custom order,
  • link to an active social presence,
  • enable local residents to easily find directions or contact info, right from their mobile phone or tablet,
  • offer coupons, contests, or other programs to promote customer loyalty.

A cheap web designer (on the other hand) will simply say “Okie dokieartichokie” and provide a small and simple website with a menu. Just like you asked.

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