Custom Web Design vs. DIY Site Builders

I get it. Small businesses have small budgets so it feels more practical to take a few shortcuts.

But you should know that custom web design is the equivalent of a professional brochure printed on premium paper, and DIY template websites are the equivalent of free business cards printed on low quality stock with the VistaPrint logo on the back.

The difference is shown in commitment to value. Potential customers can tell when a start-up is just a start up and it will be tough to get past that first failed attempt at effective branding. In other words, it is a waste of time, money, and energy to fill out a generic DIY site builder.

On the other hand, custom web design shows a level of dedicated professionalism. It shows that you are serious about what you do, and it shows that your business does not take shortcuts.

How can customers tell the difference with custom web design?

First of all, free websites are easy to spot. There’s always branding in the header, sidebar, or footer and it isn’t subtle. That ad exists to let visitors know: “Hey! This site was built for free! If you click here, you can get a free website too!” (To potential customers, this can easily be translated as “You can’t trust me to put real effort into the value or quality of what I do.”)

Then, there are the low cost websites that may or may not include an ad. These are easily spotted because they all look the same. Inexperienced web designers often use these identical templates while building up a portfolio. You can customize certain elements but the end result is still easily recognized as generic and unoriginal.

Finally, there are the jaw dropping websites that stand out and grab your attention!!!

^If it stands out, it’s unique. If it makes you say “WOW!!!”… it is an effective website that was custom designed to fit you.

You have a message. Custom web design makes that impact in an instant.

Custom web design involves the right skills, training, and expertise of graphic design mixed with coding. By working closely with a web development agency, you’ll be investing in something that shows true insight into the core principles that your business is based on. Strong attention to detail shows that you are truly one-of-a-kind, and that kind of investment will always generate a higher ROI than any shortcuts.

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